Microgrid: A local energy grid, powered by one or more sources, with control capability, allowing it to operate independent from the traditional utility Grid


Islanded Microgrid: A Microgrid operating independent of the traditional electric utility with no connection to the Grid


Grid-Connected Microgrid: A Microgrid that is connected to the traditional electric utility Grid and that can either provide power to the Grid, pull power from the grid, or both. A Grid-connected Microgrid must disconnect from the Grid whenever the Utility Grid loses power

Islanded Microgrid

Grid-Connected Microgrid

Value of Microgrids

Microgrids can improve power quality, decrease electric bills, and integrate renewable energy

The Multi-Flex™ Advantage

Complete Vertically Integrated Microgrid System

  • Single OEM Sourced

    Indie Power Systems designs and builds all of the components required to operate a Microgrid. Advantages for end-users is that all modules were designed to work seamlessly together and are upgradable for future expansion. This saves system design time, allows for faster and simpler installation, and lowers the cost of service.

  • Pre-configured and Ready to Run

    Systems Integrators and Value Added Resellers can order pre-configured Microgrid systems. Systems can be ordered with the power modules required, the energy storage specified, and with all of the software functions desired. Any number of energy inputs can be assembled including, but not limited to: solar arrays, turbines (wind and/or water), generators, fuel cells, and batteries. After connecting all energy inputs and outputs, the system is ready to run.

Modular, Scalable, and Upgradable

  • Power Electronics Modules

    Indie Power Systems has developed modules to manage any DC or AC input as well as any 1, 2, or 3 phase load. These modules can be combined in any combination to manage different sources and loads. If more power is desired, modules can be added in parallel. If a new source is added, a new module can be added to manage it.

  • Energy Management Software

    Software can be upgraded with new functions as desired. The software automatically recognizes new hardware when added.

  • Energy Storage

    Energy storage can be added or deleted as desired. New chemistries can be substituted with only a software upgrade. Nearly any size storage can be accommodated

Advanced Features

  • Advanced Inverter Functionality

    Indie Power Systems’ inverters can manage each phase completely independently. This independent phase management can enable phase balancing and is an industry first.

  • Advanced Software

    Energy Management Software can be ordered to perform energy management functions such as demand charge reduction, power factor correction, and power smoothing. Software also optimizes energy production, storage and Grid feed (if any). Indie Power Systems designed and built the energy management software, so nearly any function can be added. Similarly, any standard communications can be integrated and third party systems can be controlled if allowed.

  • Advanced Battery Management

    Indie Power Systems developed the Redundant Array of Inexpensive Batteries (RAIB™). We are the first to integrate used (secondary-use) batteries into a commercial energy management system enabling low-cost energy storage. We are also the first to blend multiple battery chemistries in a single energy storage system. Indie Power Systems' energy storage systems are battery chemistry agnostic and can be upgraded with additional storage or different chemistries as desired.